Family Law & De facto relationships – advice on how best to protect yourself when entering into a relationship & what steps you need to take when a relationship is rocky or over, including prenuptial agreements, property division, contact orders concerning children & same sex relationships.

Will the law recognise my de facto, or close personal relationship?

The law recognises your relationship if you & your partner:
live together in a de facto relationship (either opposite sex or same-sex relationships) as partners on a domestic basis for a qualifying period, or have a close personal relationship which is between two adult persons, whether or not related by family, where one or other provides domestic support and personal care, which must not be for fee or reward.

Higgins & Dix – Lawyers & Conveyancers – greater Port Macquarie area, Mid North Coast NSW – can help & advise you about Family Law & de facto relationships. Contact us today.


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