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Conveyancing, real estate & property – anything to do with land & buildings including the transfer of property, both buying & selling; leasing of houses, farms, business premises; rural property conveyancing; strata title and community…

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Wills & Probates

Wills, Probate, Powers of Attorney & Guardianship appointments – documents that each of us should have to protect us when we are vulnerable (not capable of looking after our own affairs) & to ensure that our hard-earned assets pass…

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Family Law

Family Law & De facto relationships – advice on how best to protect yourself when entering into a relationship and what steps you need to take when a relationship is rocky or over, including prenuptial agreements, property division,…

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Business Law

Higgins & Dix, Lawyers & Conveyancers,  can help business and advise business owners in many ways. When you set up a business & need help to comply with legal requirements; if you are buying a business, to ensure you get what you pay for; when selling a business…

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Litigation – if you have a right to sue or to receive compensation or if you are being sued, or receive any court documents, you will need quick & accurate advice to make sure you do not lose your rights or have the Court make…

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Other legal problems

If you are not certain whether your problem is one which a lawyer can help you with, or if you are not sure whether we have expertise in the area of law you need advice please telephone or contact us via this website. We…

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